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Since the beginning when we started our journey with coffee, we knew that there is one goal: share the passion for specialty coffee. As still young Roasters(coming from Venezuela and starting the roasting journey on Tenerife Island in Spain) we’ve already learned that sharing the passion for coffee is equal with sharing the knowledge about the process: where coffee comes from, who is standing behind and is responsible for bringing that coffee to your ,,morning cup” ,what are the prices and difficulties that comes with it.

The whole process for us is very exiting and fulfilling, but it is a ,,bumpy road” for others.

The reason of trying to join The Pledge?

The reason why we wanted to present you our Transparency Report is to simply show you only some of ,,behind the scenes’’, values based on work with organisation that is working directly with producers and some numbers that come with this co-operations and relationships.

As mentioned, we are on the beginning of our journey, so it’s even more important to be open about that relationships.

We also truly believe that is a part of a ,,call out “for industry to normalize incomes for producers, farms and for all.

We stand for equality, and believe that the future will bring good changes.

In the file we present you the details like: names of farm co-ops, washing station, followed by origin of coffee, process for each purchased coffee (all the positions are bought as green coffee).

Dates of buying the coffee and names of organisations that work directly with producers. Amounts of coffee bought in numbers.

FOB* Free On Board Price – the prices of coffee that was packed and stacked in container ready for shipping.

FOB prices are the ones that been negotiated between importer/organisation, and from that places we are thankful for sharing the details. In Total values, we present the amounts paid to the organisations.

The prices they do not inclued transportation,cost of shipping to Tenerife,the importer’s/organisations margin and transport to our Roastery. (About -15% of weight loss).

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Transparency Report 2021

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